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hi my name is philoména and i live with the desire of taking pictures wherever i can.

Mnemosyne (Canon EOS 500D) - Le Chat

”De sa fourrure blonde et brune
Sort un parfum si doux, qu’un soir
J’en fus embaumé, pour l’avoir
Caressée une fois, rien qu’une.

C’est l’esprit familier du lieu;
Il juge, il préside, il inspire
Toutes choses dans son empire;
peut-être est-il fée, est-il dieu?

Quand mes yeux, vers ce chat que j’aime
Tirés comme par un aimant,
Se retournent docilement
Et que je regarde en moi-même,

Je vois avec étonnement
Le feu de ses prunelles pâles,
Clairs fanaux, vivantes opales
Qui me contemplent fixement.”

-Charles Baudelaire ”Le Chat (II)” dans Les Fleurs du Mal

Mnemosyne (Canon EOS 500D) - ”Death or How Much Do They Care?”

note: the duck was dying when i took the picture, someone had already called the ”animal-emergency-thing”. i left before they arrived, so i have no knowledge about the state of this duck now. let’s just think of him and hope he’s fine. he is now immortalized in this picture.

Mnemosyne (Canon EOS 500D) - Lavaux (CH)

Mnemosyne (Canon EOS 500D) - Barrage de Mauvoisin (CH)

Astor (Canon A-1) - ”Le Voyage A Duré 8 Ans”

In December 2004, my family and I went to Turkey for the new year. It was really beautiful, and my young self decided to take pictures with Papa’s camera. 8 years later, I found a film in my room (which I thought to be unexposed). ”Great”, I thought, ”Today I’m going to have a walk and take a few pictures then!”. It’s only when these pictures came developed and printed, did I realize I had just merged two periods of my life together for eternity.

Artémis is my lovely plastic fantastic Diana F+. I’m totally in love with her since the day I received her in October 2011.

Artémis captures her prey moment with dreamy precision and quirky sounds.

Artémis (Diana F+) - Valeurs de la Réalité I